Pooling Rental System

Plastic Container for Meats

Reduction of Damage and Loss

Food Safety in the Distribution

Meat Container for you who are a farmer and want, above all, to solve problems with the loss of meat in the transport and with the waste of time in the distribution.

HB-SMR has a Meat Container as a sturdy, safe transport packaging and with the differential of being traceable. The container is suitable for both fresh or frozen meat, as well as vacuum packed meats or in cooler enclosures.

HB returnable plastic containers have a strong and stable structure, are reusable and in addition, they have a design that ensures greater temperature control, keeping the meat fresh and with high quality for the final consumer.  

In contrast to other solutions, renting returnable plastic containers reduces food damage and loss, so it means less waste and more product quality on the POS shelf.

Whether for fresh or frozen meats, our plastic meat containers undergo a modern automated cleaning process, which first follows strict international sanitization standards.

Plastic Container for Meat Products and Cold Cuts

Unique HB-SMR Design

The HB Container design allows safe palletizing, stable stacking, as well as packing 6% more goods in the distribution of meat in a single load. In this way, our HB RETURNABLE PLASTIC CONTAINERS mainly reduce the costs of handling, storage space and manual labor throughout the supply chain. For example, only in transport there are 25% cost savings.

Caixas para carnes


Rental of Assets

Our clients receive all the benefits of the HB Containers in a circular economy, as we operate in the Pooling modality – Rental of Assets. The Meat Plastic Container contributes with the purpose of ensuring the safety of food throughout the distribution. In addition, they are made of 100% virgin Food Safe plastic, safe for food packaging, and 100% recyclable.

Caixa para Carne Fresca

HB Meat Container Differentials

It is resistant to extreme heat and cold temperatures, also required in the meat processing industry.

The plastic material is also impervious to acids, fats and odors, which is primarily an advantage when packing meats.

In addition, we have 11 centers for cleaning and inspection of reusable containers for food safety.

It has superior strength and structural integrity for the transport of heavier and wetter products, so that it is ideal for transporting meat.

Protects valuable meat as it prevents damage during transportation.

Cost Reduction
Reduction of Food Waste
Cost Reduction in the Transport
Reduction of Space in the Return Transport

Above all, Proven Gains

Costs, Quality and Time

By choosing HB MEAT CONTAINERS for transporting both fresh and frozen meat, you guarantee in your process: 

  • Maximum hygiene to contribute to food safety.
  • Resistance to humidity as well as temperature variation.
  • Structure with better air circulation which, consequently, accelerates the cooling/freezing.
  • Efficient handling and even more agile.
  • More sustainability, in the same way throughout the process.
  • Gain storage space, as well as more organization.
  • Better cubic capacity for transportation, that is, more deliveries.
  • Stacking not only safer, but also stable.
  • Smaller waste volume, since it generates less damage to the product and there is no discarding of cardboard packaging.

Returnable Solutions for Meat Containers

HB 415 Container

Outer Dimensions L x W x H:  400 × 300 × 160 mm

Interior Dimensions L x W x H: 362 × 3262 × 151.5 mm

Usable Height Inside:  142.5 mm

Capacity: 6 kg

Stackable Load: 150 kg

Volume: 14l

Folded Height: 36 mm

Temperature Resistance: -20ºC to 40ºC

HB 612 Container

Outer Dimensions L x W x H:  600 × 400 × 120 mm

Interior Dimensions L x W x H: 568 × 369 × 108 mm

Usable Height Inside:  97 mm

Capacity: 10 kg

Stackable Load: 300 kg

Volume: 22l

Folded Height: 36 mm

Temperature Resistance: -20ºC to 40ºC

HB 618 Container

Outer Dimensions L x W x H:  600 × 400 × 180 mm

Interior Dimensions L x W x H: 568 × 368 × 168 mm

Usable Height Inside:  156 mm

Capacity: 15 kg

Stackable Load: 300 kg

Volume: 35l

Folded Height: 36 mm

Temperature Resistance: -20ºC to 40ºC

HB 623 Container

Outer Dimensions L x W x H:  600 × 400 × 230 mm

Interior Dimensions L x W x H: 568 × 369 × 218 mm

Usable Height Inside:  206 mm

Capacity: 20 kg

Stackable Load: 300 kg

Volume: 45l

Folded Height: 36 mm

Temperature Resistance: -20ºC to 40ºC

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