The Egg Carton Allows Maximum Efficiency in the Distribution of Sensitive Products

HB Container for Egg Trays

HB Container for Egg Trays

Safety and Efficiency

From the farmer to the final consumer, the HB Container for Egg Trays brings, above all, more efficiency in the entire logistics process. The product is fragile, but the container is sturdy and specially designed to protect the sensitive load. 

After all, transporting eggs is not an easy mission. Because this food product is very sensitive to transport and any sudden movement along the route systematically causes undesirable damages.

The HB Container for Egg Trays is undoubtedly the safest, most efficient, and profitable option for transporting eggs. Firstly, we point out that it is possible to reduce the damage caused by the transport of this product by up to 50%, compared to other packaging and transport solutions in cardboard boxes. 

Its design allows ventilation in the cartons and thus the eggs have a longer shelf-life. Egg Trays reach the point of sale ready for display, as the HB returnable plastic cartons for eggs become beautiful displays that value the product and facilitate sales.

Agility and Practicality

Gains and Economy Without Neglecting the Efficiency

HB Container for Egg Trays can be stacked in the transport, without fear that eggs will arrive broken or damaged at the retailer, as the design is made to bring more agility, practicality, and economy across the entire supply chain.

Choose the HB Container for Egg Trays and conquer:

Empty, the container can be folded easily and quickly, thereby extending the load capacity in the return to the Distribution Center by 77%.

Sturdy design with strong locks that keeps all weight firm and stable in the container and not on the eggs, thus allowing excellent stacking and palletizing. Also, the perfect fit of one container on the other, allows more HB Container for Egg Trays to be transported in the same load, with amazing use of the cubic capacity in the transport.

It is produced in plastic and is moisture-proof and even more with proper ventilation that prolongs the shelf life of the eggs.  In addition, with the opening of the front wall, they turn into seconds from a transport container into a beautiful display for egg trays exposure in the retailer.

Technical Data of the HB Containers for egg trays

Caixa de Ovos HB

Outer Dimensions L x W x H:  610 × 340 × 320 mm

Interior Dimensions L x W x H: 591 × 310 × 297 mm

Capacity: 22.7 kg

Stackable Load: 150 kg

Folded Height: 72 mm

Palletizing (Base x Layers): 6 x 7

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