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Returnable Transport Packaging | Economic | Practical | Traceable

HB Solutions

Reduction of up to 30% in costs throughout the supply chain with the use of returnable transport packaging: savings in operations, better utilization of space in both storage and transportation, less need for manual labor, reduced waste and complete management of HB.

Traceable solutions for even more security and peace of mind in controlling the distribution of your products! Sanitized, ventilated, light, resistant containers with rounded corners and made of Food Safe plastic thus guarantee food safety, quality and freshness of the products to the final consumer.

Move to more efficient and responsible logistics with HB SMR

Returnable Transport Packaging Solution: Multi-containers


A system for renting reusable sanitized plastic containers with operations across Brazil, for distribution of produce, bakery products, eggs, meat, and also other types of products.

The returnable transport packaging rental model is more practical and economical and in addition it gives less work. In other words, we manage the entire process from the delivery of clean containers to the return for sanitization, organization, inspection and resumption of the cycle.

Thanks to our HBGo app, that is, a modern system with UNIQUE technology, you can manage your containers with tracking throughout the entire product distribution journey.

Transforming logistics with sustainability and efficiency

Steps of the HB Reusable Transport Packaging Cycle -> Maximum Efficiency 

Moving the world with quality returnable packaging

The production cycle of HB Containers involves reverse logistics

High Quality Packaging for More Efficient Logistics: HB SMR
Folding Container Models with Different Designs

Packaging made of Returnable Food Safe plastic – 100% virgin – and when it is no longer reused, it is then 100% recycled and allows:

Better Cubic Capacity

First, there are84% space savings in the return to the Distribution Center, and secondly, there are 50% more on deliveries

Food Safety

35% less food waste and mainly up to 96% less damage, twists, and dents in the products.

Efficiency in the Retailer

Savings of at least 53% in manual labor throughout the supply chain, mainly due to ease of replacement and handling.


86% less solid waste discarded in nature, 60% less CO2 emissions and in addition, 90% less water consumption in the sanitization process.

HB SMR: Your Returnable Transport Packaging Solution

Because the Smartest Options on the Market are from HB

HB Container

Caixa Plástica para Hortifruti e Outros Produtos HB 623

In four dimensions to pack and transport meat, produce, bakery products and goods with high added value.

They have the unique Lift - Lock System, which then allows easy closure and opening in just 2 seconds.

HB containers have an innovative design that allows easy and even safer palletizing, ergonomic handles that facilitate the handling and loading of the containers. In addition, it has air circulation throughout the transport that maintains the quality and freshness of the products.

They are of great presentation and thus can be used directly at the points of sale. In addition, the dark color of the container enhances the products appearance.

Aluguel de Caixas Retornáveis MAIOR EFICIÊNCIA COM O MENOR CUSTONA CADEIA DE SUPRIMENTOSAluguel de Caixas Retornáveis MAIOR EFICIÊNCIA COM O MENOR CUSTONA CADEIA DE SUPRIMENTOS As caixas dobráveis e paletizáveis são coletadas rapidamente e encaminhadas ao Centro de Higienização HB Centro Logística Reversa Loja Recebe Produtos mais Frescos, Repõe Rapidamente, Expõe com Boa Apresentação CD Varejista Recebe, Envia às Lojas - Processos Rápidos e Eficientes - Armazenagem Otimizada Produtor Agenda, Retira, Colhe direto na Caixa Limpa e Entrega ao Varejista Centro de Higienização HB|SMR Processo Automatizado para a Segurança dos Alimentos 86% menos lixo sólido descartado na natureza; 60% menos emissões de CO2; 90% menos consumo de água; 35% menos desperdício de alimentos. HB significa:

With a single container, from the field to the gondola, tipping is avoided, allowing, above all, less damage to the content that thus arrives fresher and even more eye-catching to the consumer.

HB Eggs Container

Caixa de Ovos HB

They mainly reduce damages to eggs in distribution by up to 50%

The time gain and quality maintenance of the products are also remarkable.

Finally, they become beautiful displays for the showcasing of products on the retailer’s shelves.


Bin HB SRM para FLVs maiores e mais pesados

HB solution for larger products, which then require more resistance and stability to reach the final consumer with the highest quality.

Enter the Cycle of Results for your Business

The whole food sector can count on the HB advantages!

HB-SMR is directed to those who seek optimization for their logistics processes, more organization, protection and maximum efficiency for product distribution, through the hiring of cutting-edge services that bring both strategic and economic gains and sustainability.



Are you a farmer looking for a safe, efficient solution that, above all, generates savings to distribute fresh food? Do you want to eliminate, at the same time, most of the breakages?



Are you a retailer looking for an efficient solution with lower costs and that still promotes the branding of your network? Do you want to receive products without damage that are eye-catching, value the POS with super modern displays while saving time?

Customer Testimonials

What Customers Say About Us

Sustainability and Circular Economy
How we innovate for a more Sustainable Future

We reduce waste, emission of polluting gases and discarded waste, strengthening both food safety care and increasing the savings you need to manage your product distribution even with more profitably.

You can rely on our solutions mainly to increase the savings, improve efficiency and increase security in the distribution of your products, anywhere in Brazil.

Location of Our Units

We have the possibility to expand and serve equally any locality in the country

Map of Brazil with location of HB SMR DCs
















Without a Doubt - Clarify Everything you Would Like to Know

Frequently Asked Questions

We list the main questions about our container rental system and the benefits of our solutions for both retailers, rural farmers, and carriers.  

Each HB-SMR container has a unique bar code and, likewise, a QR Code for tracking through the unique HBGo system.

In this way, when clean containers leave our Distribution Center for our customer to start the process of distributing their products, we know exactly what path it is taking and where it is.

So, even if we have an infinite number of containers in the transport phase at that time, your containers will not get mixed up with other customers’ orders. And you can track the progress of transportation, the stage of distribution of the products, as well as where your containers are, through our HBGo system.

We have three different lines of containers for distribution of perishable and non-perishable products.

  • HB Containers: In four dimensions to transport meat, produce, bakery products or other products, as well as goods with high added value. They have the unique Lift – Lock System, which then allows easy closure and opening in just 2 seconds, innovative design for safer load mounting and optimized palletizing, air circulation throughout transport and ergonomic handles, that facilitate the handling and loading of the containers.
  • HB Egg Containers: They generate up to 50% less damage to eggs in the distribution and in addition they become beautiful displays for the products on the retailer’s shelves.
  • HD BIN: HB solution for larger products, which require more resistance and stability to reach the final consumer with the highest quality.

Our customers throughout Brazil, who have already achieved maximum efficiency in the supply chain also state: HB-SMR is the most suitable and efficient solution.

Just listen to what they say in our testimonials section above.

Simply click on the link below that you will be directed to our contact page so that you can make your request directly to our business team.


The containers are produced in Food Safe plastic, 100% virgin and recyclable, therefore without possibility of contamination. A completely safe material for transporting fresh food. In addition, the containers are sanitized before each cycle and the design of the containers:

– Extends the shelf-life of food, as it has improved ventilation.

– It is resistant and anatomical and protects the products from external impacts as well as damage to the inside of the container.

The sanitization of HB containers is automated and done in 5 steps:

  • Mechanical removal of loose waste and damage inspection
  • Pressurized washing with a biodegradable detergent solution
  • Sanitization with jets
  • Drying by centrifugation
  • Finally, laboratory test of the cleaning through the sanitary report

Our containers, after they are returned by the retailer to our Distribution Center, undergo a careful automated cleaning process attested by a report and that follows the strictest hygiene standards established by ANVISA, as well as by international standards.

Any products can also be distributed with complete safety, traceability, and efficiency by our containers.

Because they are sanitized, the FLVs (fruit, vegetables, and greens), meat products and eggs market are the ones that mainly have enjoyed all the benefits of the HB containers.

Regardless of what market it operates in, you only need to contact our team, request a presentation and/or analysis with quote and then understand which of our containers is the most suitable for the transportation of your product, in particular.

Regardless of the size of your business, you will be able to calculate all the costs, downtime, products and resources you have with the current transport model, and you will see that the container rental system is, certainly, safer, more agile and profitable for you.

HB containers are, above all, for those who wish to:

  • Eliminate waste products because there are many losses along the path to the final consumer
  • Want to avoid buying cardboard or wooden boxes/containers while wanting to enter modernity with sustainability, practicality and optimization of logistics processes.
  • Seek reduction in transport costs, storage and in addition, a better presentation of products on the shelves.
  • Want to link their brand to sustainability programs to value it in the market.
  • Want to increase the productivity of their team, consequently with optimization of the number of employees.
  • Want more protection and up to 96% less damage to their products, minimizing breakages, prolonging shelf life and having more attractive, eye-catching products and of apparent quality.

We serve companies of all sizes, segments, and locations in Brazil. Just request an analysis to our business team and start adopting our solution in your supply chain right now. 

The sustainability agenda is serious and is thus present in all the details of the HB-SMR decisions. First of all, here are some data that prove this:

  • 86% less solid waste discarded in nature.
  • 60% less CO2 emissions.
  • 90% less water consumption.

Our goal is to help people in the best way possible. This is a fundamental principle in all cases and the reason for our success.



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