Pooling Rental System

Plastic Container for Egg Trays

Drastic Reduction of Losses

Safe Transport of Egg Trays

HB-SMR has a specific solution to Safely Transport Eggs, the HB egg trays transport container.

It is a PLASTIC EGG TRAY CONTAINER developed with the purpose of enabling extreme care in the handling and transportation.

HB works constantly with the purpose that your product reaches the retailer intact.

Thus, through the HB egg container, you have the safest, most efficient, and profitable option.  

Certainly, its logistics processes can reduce by up to 50% the damage caused during the transport and circulation in the supply chain, compared to other container options, such as cardboard boxes.

We always work so that you have less waste, as well as products with much more quality in the POS.

Plastic Container for Egg Transport

Unique HB-SMR Design

Its design allows PERFECT VENTILATION in the containers, and thus the eggs have a longer shelf-life.

At the same time, the engineering of returnable plastic containers allows 50% LESS BREAKAGES IN THE TRANSPORTATION.

In addition, the egg containers arrive at the retail ready to be exposed GREATLY VALUING THE VISUAL APPEARANCE IN THE POS, since the HB egg container becomes attractive displays.

Caixa de Ovos HB

Benefits of the HB Container for Egg Transport

Caixa de Ovos

Specific for the Transport of Egg Trays

Engineering - Greater Protection

All of this at the same time, without neglecting efficiency. This is because you can still stack more egg trays in the transport, without fear that they will arrive broken or damaged at the retailer. In fact, the whole design of HB Containers is designed to bring more AGILITY, PRACTICALITY AND SAVINGS, throughout the supply chain.


Rental of Assets

Our clients receive all the benefits of the HB Containers in a circular economy, as we operate in the Pooling modality – Rental of Assets. The HB egg tray container transport contributes to ensuring food safety throughout distribution and at the same time maximum protection. In addition, they are made of recyclable plastic and are sustainable.

Reduction of Damages and Breakages
Reduction of Costs with Manual Labor
Reduction of Space in the Return Transport

Proven Gains

Costs, Quality and Time

By choosing the HB PLASTIC CONTAINERS FOR TRANSPORTING EGGS, you guarantee in your process:  

  • 50% less eggs broken in the transport;
  • Sustainability for your brand, as there is no packaging waste;
  • No moisture and damage to the product;
  • Increased palletizing for storage;
  • Greater use of space in the transport – up to 77% in cubic capacity;
  • Ready for valued display in the POS;
  • Time gain, as well as savings and productivity;
  • 53% less manual labor costs.

Solution in Returnable Container for Egg Transport

Caixa de Ovos HB

Outer Dimensions L x W x H:  610 × 340 × 320 mm

Interior Dimensions L x W x H: 591 × 310 × 297 mm

Capacity: 22.7 kg

Stackable Load: 150 kg

Folded Height: 72 mm

Palletizing (Base x Layers): 6 x 7


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