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Sustainability of HB Containers

HB SMR, a company committed to sustainability standards, social responsibility, and corporate governance.

The sustainable and intelligent practices developed by HB SMR effectively contribute to the protection of the environment and to the establishment of human relations based on ethics and transparency.

Like many national and international companies, we are committed to the goal of continuing to produce, but without having a negative impact on nature.

In line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs – HB SMR has the Sustainable Development Seal, in recognition of its efforts specifically regarding the following areas of its operation in favor of a conscious consumption of natural resources:

Os Objetivos para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável nos quais a HB recebeu certificação
  • Objective 6 – Drinking Water and Sanitation
    “Ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.” This objective, also includes efficiency in water use, effluent treatment, recycling, and reuse technologies.
  • Objective 7 – Clean and Affordable Energy
    “Ensure access to cheap, reliable, sustainable and renewable energy for all.”
  • Objective 9 – Industry, Innovation, and infrastructure
    “Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and foster innovation.”
  • Objective 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production
    “Ensure sustainable production and consumption standards.”
Certificação ESG HB SMR

All HB SMR’s actions, and their effective results for an increasingly sustainable food production chain, were inspected, monitored, recognized and finally, certified by SGS do Brasil, a world leader in ESG Certification.

But we are aware of our great responsibility. To do so, we continue our partnership with SGS do Brasil to soon expand this recognition to other areas we operate in the market.

By taking HB Returnable Containers to their companies through the Circular Economy proposal, rural farmers, distributors and retailers will also be contributing to the reduction of risks and costs, optimizing results and ensuring a more sustainable future for the entire planet.

Access the Certificate

Efficiency and Sustainability in the Distribution of your Products

Sustainability that does well for your business and for the planet.

HB-SMR aims to make the supply chain more efficient as it contributes to it being more sustainable.

In this sense, we efficiently attack waste, pollution and waste disposal in our planet and act on three fronts in delivering our services.  

Our efforts are continually focused first on recyclable and reusable packaging, second in the efficient transport and third in the safe storage of products.

Starting from these three pillars of sustainability that generate a cleaner and prosperous planet comes

All of Our Metrics

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Solid Waste
- 0 %
Damage to Food
- 0 %
Food Waste
- 0 %
CO₂ Emissions
- 0 %
Water Consumption when Sanitizing

Understand the Benefits of the Sustainability of the HB Containers

Together, we move the world to a more sustainable future.

Reduction in Waste and Disposal of Packaging

Just to illustrate, less than 50% of the corrugated cardboard produced in Brazil is recycled today. Therefore, more solid waste is discarded into nature. In contrast to this waste, we have HB Returnable Plastic Containers, which are produced in Food Safe plastic, fully recyclable contributing efficiently to 120 transport cycles, for sustainability in the supply chain. Thus, 86% less solid waste is discarded into nature.

Sustainable Economy

It saves not only up to 30% in supply chain costs, but also up to 53% with manual labor for sorting and disposing of used cardboard boxes, as well as costs associated with the organization of stock, loading, and unloading of products.

Less Travel and Fuel Consumption

Due to the unique design of the containers, more containers can be stacked on the same load, resulting in less trips to distribute the products with 60% less CO2₂ emissions.

Food Safety and Sanitization with Lower Water Consumption

Our sanitization system of the containers is automated and attested by a report. But, even with such a strict sanitization system, it is still done sustainably, because we use less than a glass of water (160 ml) to clean each container that is 90% reused. In addition, biodegradable detergents are used and the water that is thrown into the receiving water body follows the legal parameters of disposal passing through effluent treatment before returning to nature.

Less Food Waste

Our containers guarantee up to 96% less damage to products until their arrival at the retailer. This is because its design protects products from external impacts and internal friction. In addition, it extends the shelf-life of fresh food as it also allows ventilation to the product during transport, with a 35% reduction in food waste.

Rental of Returnable Plastic Containers - Pooling System- Sustainability of HB Containers

Circular Economy

Transform your supply chain with the power of sustainability – adopt the HB SMR model and reduce costs, increase efficiency, and protect the environment!

cicle of hb containers and circular economy

Our cycle takes place as follows: The producer picks up the sanitized containers at one of the various HB-SMR distribution centers. – Farmer of fresh products/Seller of other consumer goods – Retailer – Return to HB-SMR’s DC – Inspection and sanitization of the containers – Disposal for recycling of the containers with finished life cycle – Restart of the cycle.

Sharing of a Durable Asset
Returnable Plastic Containers

With our system of renting returnable plastic containers – pooling – we have already prevented millions of tons of waste from pulp and cardboard production from ending up in landfills and, moreover, disposed of in a way that is harmful to nature.

But, far beyond contributing to a more sustainable planet, we have a commitment to the circular economy – a model based on sharing a durable good –our returnable plastic containers and the smart reuse of this asset.

As a result, through the container rental system, everyone wins:

  • Reusable products last for years in the supply chain, also generating years of service and benefits for everyone.
  • When the containers need to be discarded, they become new products, generating both more income for the local economy and protection of the planet.
  • We save energy, natural resources and avoid the improper disposal of polluting items in nature. 
  • The ergonomic design and closing system of the containers, by means of levers, prevents wear in the handling and, moreover, reduces the development of diseases triggered by repetitive efforts, protecting employees in the operation.
  • The containers generate savings for both the farmer, the carrier, and the retailer.
  • They deliver higher quality products to the final consumer, avoid food waste, and ultimately return to our Distribution Center for the beginning of new virtuous cycles. 

I Want to Have More Sustainability in the Distribution of My Products

with Maximum Efficiency and Lower Cost

Together for Sustainable Logistics:
HB and You

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)

Our Social Commitment

Being sustainable is, first, also taking care of people. In this sense, we have ESG policies and commitments, engaging us ethically throughout the supply chain. 

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance (good practices focused on the construction of solutions of Governance, Environment and Society). It is therefore a set of practices to make the organization environmentally more sustainable, socially conscious and managed properly.

After all, there is no sense in taking care of the planet alone, or the economy and not taking care of the people who are part of this cycle. Just like our values (courage, character, and commitment) say a lot about our focus on a fairer planet, we apply efforts to care for each of these aspects of ESG.

ESG - Compromissso Social HB SMR
ESG - Relacionamentos HB SMR

HB, making life better.

In conclusion, among our commitments to the community in general are the following:

  • Minimizing the environmental impact around our Distribution Centers while creating job opportunities for the local community;
  • Minimize the waste of food and products as much as possible;
  • Relate only to partners who have the same sustainable commitment;
  • Contribute to the lowest possible pollution rate with our solutions;
  • Generate maximum savings and efficiency for our customers;
  • Above all, have ethics, transparency, and responsibility in all our business decisions;
  • Caring for our employees as members of our families;
  • We have courage, character, and commitment to our guidelines.

Finally, this is a public declaration of commitment in all our relationships with: farmers, retailers, carriers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, and the local community.

After all, a prosperous business is one that considers and acts for a prosperous society!

By Relying on a Sustainable Solution, You…

Gain enhancement of your brand before the final consumer and society

Contribute to give more life to the planet, which means continuity to your business.

Adopt sustainability and economy together for your business.

Become socially responsible, as you reach avant-garde sustainability standards.

Are part of a select group of corporations with vision of the future and wisdom.

Our goal is to help people in the best way possible. This is a fundamental principle in all cases and the reason for our success.



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