HB BIN is a Heavy-Duty Packaging for the Transport of Larger Products and Fragile Loads



Durable, Breathable, Practical and Safe

The HB BIN transport returnable plastic container is sturdy, breathable, practical, and safe for transporting larger products, which therefore need more support to reach the points of sales in perfect condition.

Thus, efficiently throughout the supply chain, your fragile cargo is protected by the toughest packaging. In other words, even with larger dimensions, HB BIN is still light and strong for products that require more space and safety for transportation.

Why Choose HB BIN to Distribute your Product?

Savings to Distribute your Products

Less product losses in the logistics process

Shorter time for storage and replenishment

Fully recyclable, it reduces waste and effectively eliminates disposals

Foldable, they reduce your storage and transport space by 54% to 66%, and therefore enable intelligent use of the cubic capacity in the return.

5 to 12% more packaging volume, due to the special shape of the walls.

BIN HB com Melancias

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How is the Special Container for Larger Products?

Bin HB SRM para FLVs maiores e mais pesados

Outer Dimensions L x W x H:  1200 × 1000 × 800 mm

Interior Dimensions L x W x H: 1120 × 920 × 660 mm

Capacity: 750 kg

Stackable Load: 7000 kg

Volume: 720 l

Folded Height: 298 mm

Temperature Resistance: -20ºC to 40ºC

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