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HB-SMR is directed to retailers and rural producers with the purpose of optimizing their logistic processes, more organization, protection, and maximum efficiency for product distribution, through the hiring of cutting-edge services that bring  strategic and economic gains and sustainability.

In effect, the rental of returnable, foldable, and sanitized plastic containers is indeed the solution for a high-performance supply chain, ensuring maximum efficiency at the lowest cost

In short, HB returnable plastic containers are light, resistant, can easily be folded and can also be palletized with a perfect fit. At the same time they reduce storage and transportation space.

Thus, they also reduce the operating time, in the separation of materials, as well as in the organization of the inventory. Finally, all the containers are traceable and the HBGo system allows monitoring at all stages of distribution and delivery of healthy and fresh products


Rent HB Transport Packaging

to achieve all these benefits:



Accomplish more efficiency for distribution of your products since it optimizes logistics processes.



Generate surprisingly up to 30% savings in the distribution chain of your items



Deliver much more goods in less loads and less time, with recyclable and returnable containers, which also reduce waste

HB Containers

Practical, Sustainable, Ventilated and Stackable

We have 14 Units throughout Brazil, so we have the possibility to serve all regions and municipalities of the country with maximum productivity.

In short, our work on Brazilian territory goes alongside the mission of making the market more efficient, sustainable, and profitable, also facilitating work throughout the supply chain.

For example, boxes for distribution of products made of cardboard cannot be reused. In addition, they generate damage during the movement of the load, they do not allow stacking, because the loads fall, and, also, do not preserve the quality of the food. 

On the other hand, HB Returnable Plastic Containers have a design that allows ventilation inside the containers, maximizing the shelf-life of the food, stacking inside the trucks with up to 84% space saving in the return and up to 96% less damage to the products during transportation. In addition, HB Containers can be reused for up to 120 cycles. 

This way, you have more savings, while you can earn more in delivering your goods 

In this scenario, the new way of dealing with the distribution of products, certainly fostered by the circular economy and which is a growing trend: 

In conclusion, the Pooling System. That is, the rental of returnable plastic containers.

Smart and sustainable logistics at your fingertips: HB SMR

Container Rental (Pooling System)

What is “pooling”, after all?  

First, Pooling is a term linked to the circular economy and primarily a means of gathering resources to maximize advantages and minimize risks for users. In short, renting assets has been more beneficial than buying, which is certainly the case of plastic containers for food transportation.

Therefore, adopting a returnable plastic container rental system will bring numerous benefits to the distribution of your goods. 

On the other hand, the distribution of products with other solutions, such as cardboard or wooden boxes, is slow and often not available for prompt delivery when you need to start the dispatch cycle of your items. 

In addition, these other boxes cannot be reused several times, spend time separating the waste and need to be bought again on the next delivery.

This way, pooling or renting of returnable plastic containers is an incredibly efficient and intelligent way to protect yourself from all these obstacles.

In addition to the cost-benefit generated by the rental of the containers, you will gain, above all, time, resources and money savings

As a result, in addition to all these benefits, opting for returnable plastic containers allows you to eliminate the high and constant costs to purchase new cardboard boxes that take time to reach you. 

Undeniably, cardboard and wood prices are constantly changing, which certainly hinders you in organizing your costs and aligning the value of your product, because of the volatility in the price of packaging. 

However, by choosing HB-SMR’s rental of containers, you say goodbye to these obstacles. Thus, you achieve high performance in your supply chain while saving a lot by achieving maximum efficiency.

In short, renting the returnable and traceable plastic containers for transporting food and other HB products certainly makes much more sense. After all, it is better than having the cost and manual labor to buy cardboard or ordinary plastic boxes, manage the distribution and still waste hours cleaning, discarding, and stacking these boxes. In addition, traceability prevents the loss of containers while the unique design of HB’s returnable plastic containers preserves your products from dents or breakages along the way.

In efficiency, savings and sustainability for the entire supply chain, the ‘pooling’ system or container rental undeniably presents the best advantages for you.

Maximum Efficiency Cycle of the HB Containers

Reduction of costs, emissions, and waste in the supply chain

What are the solutions we bring to you?

With the rental of containers in 7 different models, we deliver solutions so that you can distribute produce, meat, eggs, bakery products, frozen and consumer goods, as well as guarantee the management of the entire process from delivery to collection, organization, inspection, and sanitization with:

Less damages and costs


Maximized Protection

Ease of Handling

Maximum Use of Spaces

Improved Ventilation

Optimal Stacking

Certified Sanitization

Maximum Organization

Optimized Transportation

Speed of Turnover/Cycle

100% Virgin Food Safe Plastic


Beautiful Display in the POS

Control that Prevents Losses

Full Advice

How do You Win Using the HB Solution?

From the HB Virtuous Economic Cycle, every supply chain similarly achieves savings and efficiency

The design of the containers allows optimal stacking in the cubic capacity safely and stably, even if they are loaded. That is, more products are distributed in fewer loads.

The carrier takes less time to load the truck, to distribute the products as well as to unload at the retailer. 

The retailer receives fresher and more preserved products. In addition, it requires less labor for loading, unloading and replenishment, as well as in the organization of items in stock.

The final consumer receives safe and preserved products, as well as with the best quality and attractiveness possible.

Everyone wins when HB is present in the distribution cycle of your products!

Control of the Containers:
Less Waste = More Profit

Effective Control in the Palm of the Hand

Above all, we have the unique and surprisingly efficient technology for controlling your containers: the HBGo system.

Traceability and Identification

Each container has a unique code for the purpose of allowing the retailer, carrier and farmer to identify that specific container in real time.


From this code, in addition to the physical identification of the containers, it is also possible to monitor by the HBGo app the origin, destination and location of the containers, with schedules, movements and statements.

Minimization of Losses

Documentation is available for both control and planning. As a result, we have even more safety, efficiency, and less losses throughout the distribution.

What are the HB Transport Containers?

Innovation in logistics with sustainable solutions


HB Containers

HB Eggs Container


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