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About HB SMR

Oriented toward Efficiency and Savings

Who we are

The smart choice for returnable packaging: HB SMR

HB-SMR is a returnable and sanitized plastic container rental company (pooling system) for farmers, retailers and distributors operating throughout the country.

In Brazil, we have been present since 2015 in such a way that we already have 14 Units strategically located throughout the country. In this way, we have conquered the confidence of the market by implementing a unique and totally safe technology for the delivery of products throughout the country. 

In addition to pioneering the sanitization system, we are also the only company with a system of traceability of the containers. Above all, we contribute to less food waste and a sensitive decrease in the loss of containers along the distribution chain. Finally, our customers have peace of mind because they have full control of where their products are. 

Since 2015, we have not stopped growing. Above all, today in Brazil, we are a company with more than 70 employees and, with new customers every day, we are expanding rapidly.

We do not only provide packaging solutions. We are always helping them actively to achieve efficiency, savings, and sustainability.

Ana Miranda – CEO


Practicality and Speed in all processes, above all with reduced work.


Reduction of costs by up to 30% throughout the supply chain.


Zero waste, recyclable every 120 cycles, while reducing waste.

HB SMR’s Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Vision

To be a leader in the RTI market, offering innovative, sustainable, and efficient solutions for the management of returnable packaging, contributing to the improvement of the supply chain and the environment.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to promote the use of returnable packaging in the supply chain by providing customized solutions that promote logistics efficiency, reduce product losses, promote sustainability, and reduce our customers’ operating costs.

Therefore, we work to create an efficient RTI management system, with packaging adapted to the specific needs of each client, as well as a well-structured logistics network that allows the collection and delivery of this packaging efficiently and economically.

In addition, we focus on promoting sustainability by encouraging our customers and partners to adopt more responsible practices in the supply chain, including initiatives to reduce carbon emissions, reduce food waste and other resources, and promote the circular economy.

In short, our mission is to provide efficient and sustainable reusable packaging solutions that meet customers’ needs and promote social and environmental responsibility throughout the chain.

Our Values

Ethics and transparency in all commercial and institutional relations.

Our Values

Commitment to sustainability and the preservation of the environment.

Our Values

Focus on the customers, seeking to understand their needs and offer customized solutions.

Our Values

Innovation as a motor to improve and transform business.

Our Values

Teamwork and collaboration to achieve extraordinary results.

Our Values

Operational excellence and quality in all processes and services offered.

Cost reduction by up to 30% throughout the supply chain

Benefits We Offer

Thinking about Packaging, Think HB SMR

Our Participation in the Rental of Returnable Plastic Containers.

HB-SMR performs the rental and sanitization of returnable, foldable, and traceable packaging for the transport of produce, meats, bakery products, eggs, as well as other products such as flowers, beauty items and items with higher added value.  

First and foremost, the containers have a unique code that allows them to be tracked through our HBGo online system, where you track where your products and containers are located in a simplified and cost-effective way.

Moreover, the distinctive design of the boxes is ergonomic, and they can be folded in less than 2 seconds, streamlining the return to the Distribution Center with up to 84% space savings in transportation. Furthermore, at the onset of box distribution, this design enables the stacking of multiple boxes, ensuring that more products are distributed in fewer shipments, thereby generating significant cost savings in freight.

Thus, the returnable container rental system directly impacts storage efficiency, distribution uptime, as well as optimizes all supply chain phases.

Cost Reduction
Reduction of Food Waste
Reduction of Damage and Squashing of Food Products
Reduction of Space in the Return Transport

What we can do for you

Cost Reduction

Up to 30% of savings across the supply chain with our solutions

Economies of Scale

The farmer, the carrier, the retailer, and the final consumer win. Mainly the economy and quality of products are visible when HB-SMR is present in the distribution chain.

Time Saving

More efficiency for food distribution, while there is less time in the loading, unloading, and organizing of stock and replenishment.

Speeding up processes

Streamlining for the entire supply chain with more food distributed, more efficiency in manual labor, less time to load and unload trucks, separate food, and display on the shelf and with the highest possible quality

Reduction of waste

Up to 96% less food damage and 35% less food waste, and also with increased shelf life

Valuing your brand for sustainability

Be recognized for the contribution to a healthier planet in all aspects, starting with the efficient use of returnable and sanitized containers for food distribution

14 Units in Brazil

Estructure for Agility

For each case, we present a specific solution to maximize the benefits. Thus, our partners always can count on the best resources for the distribution of their products and even more with customized plans for renting custom-made returnable plastic containers. 

Regardless of the location or size, we take the HB solution to wherever our clients need it

Today, we are 14 Units with 13 Distribution Centers, in addition to the main center in São José dos Pinhais/PR, with more than 4 thousand m² and fast structure. All this investment and technology aim to ensure that the containers are sanitized quickly, according to the requirements of HACCP and ANVISA. As a result, any food sector, such as industrial kitchens, distributors, farmers, and retailers can enjoy the gains and benefits.

In addition, we have several different models of containers for every need of our customers. Therefore, if you work with food or consumer goods with high added value, we have the ideal solution for agile and safe distribution.


Reduce costs, minimize waste and protect the environment with HB SMR’s reusable packaging. Increase the efficiency of your supply chain and enhance your brand image with an innovative and sustainable solution.

Our History

Since 1987

From the Netherlands to Brazil: since 1987 we have been a world reference in our segment.

We were born in the Netherlands, in the HB-CRC group, and were the first brand in Europe to use the automated container sanitization system for food distribution.

Team: Who is behind HB SMR?

Currently, we have a team of more than 70 employees distributed throughout Brazil. Above all, each member of our team is fundamental to the success, growth, and commitment to HB-SMR’s mission in the national territory.

Primarily, the principles that guide HB-SMR are based on the international acronym “ESG”, and the “G” for Governance, precisely guides our relationship and commitment to our team.

We understand that to get where we are and to grow even more here in Brazil, we need the people who build our image.

HB is made of people. Because they are people who serve you, who bring efficiency, savings, and sustainability to your processes. Because they are people who take care of the container monitoring system and automated sanitization

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Our goal is to help people in the best way possible. This is a fundamental principle in all cases and the reason for our success.



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